Beautifully Scarred

Coming 2017
Beautifully Scarred


Almost everyone learns from their first experiences and mistakes. For some it takes more than just once for the lesson to sink in. Renee has been molded to who she is today from her high school sweetheart, Adam. Now Adam is out of the picture. No one knows for exactly how long though.

When Jason makes it known that he's interested in Renee. She does what she's become accustomed to. But is it enough to make him give up on her and walk away.

Is Renee going to take Adam Street? Or Jason Boulevard?
One road is full of pain, sadness, darkness with guaranteed emotional wreckage and the end of life as she knows it.

The other leads to a life worth living. A life of happiness, fulfilled dreams and a happily ever after that all females long for.

Two roads, one which has been traveled partway. Or another that has opened anew?


(A NA dark romance for readers 18+ due to sexual content, language and other situations unsuitable for minors)

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